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About ICF WA

ICF WA is a charter chapter of the International Coaching Federation which was formed in 1998.  ICF WA is a non-profit professional organization of over 500 coaches and the third largest Chapter on the West Coast.

  • Exposing your products, services or message to a group of coaching professionals who work with clients from the corporate, non-profit, educational, public or “every walk of life” sectors.
  • Potentially providing continuing education and development for internal and individual coaches.
  • Gaining direct access to a diverse group of credentialed coaches who staff coaching and training projects.
  • Accessing the more than 1,100 local professionals engaged in the WA- ICF chapter network.
  • Partnering with local coaches who can create global leverage by connecting with the ICF global network of over 30,000+ members located around the world in over 130 countries.
  • Meeting business, career and life coaches who receive excellent professional development training and knowledge through cutting-edge programs offered by the chapter.
  • ICFWA average visitors to our website 785-1300/month

Ready to ADVERTISe Or SPONSOR an event?

ICF WA offers multiple advertising opportunities and sponsorship packages; all are excellent opportunities for reaching highly qualified and engaged Coaches, Perspective Coaching Students and Perspective Coaching Clients. 

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