volunteer opportunities

We already know something wonderful about you! You are one of those awesome people who believes in joining in, having fun, connecting, and offering service all at once.   We are always on the look out for our talented Chapter Members to join us on various events, committee's, or to bring their brilliance into the Chapter for us all to share.

Areas of Immediate Need:

Virtual Education Committee Member – Want to build skills to facilitate on a virtual platform? Want to learn? This is an opportunity for you to be part of an existing team and learn from the experienced members.

Treasurer in Training – Our Treasurer is looking to train someone in accounting area for the chapter. If you are good with numbers and good with processes, this might be a good fit. Will provide extensive mentoring for a few months.

Coach for Ignite program (ACC/PCC/MCC) – We will be providing coaching to the leaders of a local non-profit organization working in Education. We are looking for credentialed coaches to do pro-bono coaching (4-6 sessions) from March-August 2018. A core Ignite project team will be there to support you throughout the process.

Event Lead - Fishbowl - Fish bowl is a popular event at the ICF WA. It showcases two or three coaching sessions followed by panel discussions. We are looking for an owner for this event who can do the event planning, project management with the help of 5-6 volunteers. Will provide mentoring. The event should happen sometimes in Summer/Early Fall. If you enjoy organizing events, have some experience coordinating a team this (Event lead) might be a good fit.

Event Lead – Award Gala – Gala celebrates the newly credentialed IC coaches along with one or two outstanding coaches for their contribution to the community and to the profession. We are looking for an event lead who can do the event planning, project management with the help of 4-6 volunteers. Will provide mentoring. The event should happen sometimes in Oct/Early Nov. If you enjoy organizing events, have some experience coordinating team this (Event lead) might be a good fit.

Social media contributor - Want to strengthen your social media muscles? It is your lucky day! Be a spokes person for us on Twitter, Linked in, Facebook or on Instagram. Mentoring provided.  Average time required two hours spread over a week for a few months at least.


If any of the above openings spark your interest let us talk.
For Ignite:
Fill out Ignite Interest form
and email patil.aditi <at> gmail.com to learn more.
For others: Fill out this volunteer interest form and email sharmin_banu <at> hotmail.com (President) OR lyssadanehy <at> gmail.com (Past President, Virtual Learning Director) to learn more.

Other Opportunities:

  • We are always looking for people to help with the social networking of the chapter.  Engaging conversations on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, to name a few.
  • We are looking for a team coach for the Board, a few hours a month, to work with the Board on Leadership and on being a well oiled machine.
  • We are looking for people to help call and talk to new members, welcoming them, saying hello, etc.
  • People with creative skills to help with logos for events.
  • People who want to work with Marketing, Membership, the Virtual Learning, Communication, Satellites, or Sponsorship Committees to support those efforts.
  • We need people who are excited about events, with strong project management, event coordination, and a willingness to champion events like the Gala, the Fishbowl, PRISM, and a Day of Learning. You would be part of a committee, working to mould and influence these great events.

What you get:
  • Great opportunities to Network with Businesses, with Speakers, Authors, our Allied Community, other Coaches, Coaching Schools and potential clients, depending on what type of coaching you do.
  • To make a real and valuable difference to our Chapter.
  • A chance to dip your feet in the water and see if you might like to join the Board at some point.
  • To meet amazing people and make life long friendships.  There is no Seattle Freeze at ICFWA.
  • Often volunteers get discounts on events.
  • A good feeling, knowing that we need you, depend on you, and really want to meet you soon!

We have many volunteer opportunities available.  

  • Do you want to help our chapter grow and be a thriving community?
  • Do you have only a few hours a month or many hours a month?
  • Are you looking for ways to give back to your chapter?
  • Are you a person who likes to feel a sense of accomplishment?
  • Do you want to Network at a much deeper level? 
  • Are you burning to share your talents?  

We would love to have a conversation about our needs and your skills!