Establishing Credibility as a Coach through Evidence-Based Strengths Strategy

  • Wednesday, May 18, 2016
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
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Establishing Credibility as a Coach through Evidence-Based Strengths Strategy
May 18, 2016 from 12:00 noon - 1:30 pm PST

Presented by 

DeAnna Murphy

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With an increased number of coaches flooding the market, perspective clients are looking for indicators of clear differentiation and evidence-based strategies that can, in fact, deliver results.  They want to know that a coach is able to create a transformative experience that will produce a return on investment from coaching.


While there are many strategies available, there are few more powerful than the effective application of strengths in coaching.  “All great results come through strengths,” Peter Drucker taught—and knowing how to use strengths in coaching gives you a differentiating edge.  It accelerates client growth more profoundly as innate strengths are called forth and capitalized on in resolving challenges.


This presentation will address this exciting emerging trend: the use of strengths in coaching as a statistically significant catalyst of measurable performance.  It will unveil how: 

  • Effective strengths application in coaching helps clients create pronounced quantifiable change 
  • To leverage strengths as a way to build trust/credibility quickly 
  • To use strengths to mitigate weakness and eliminate frustration.

This webinar will be a hands-on, experiential event, allowing for exploration of strengths application in real time—including the introduction of 3 tools which have been shown to be statistically significant drivers of results. 

About DeAnna Murphy

DeAnna Murphy is the President and CEO of Strengths Strategy®, the world’s leading applied strengths organization.  She is an engaging keynote speaker, author, and a master facilitator of transformational learning with 12,000+ hours coaching, keynoting, and facilitating experiential learning programs, and helping organizations cultivate high-potential employees.  On average, she receives a 95-98% customer satisfaction rating from enthusiastic clients. 

 DeAnna is known for activating individuals and teams to strategically apply strengths to increase their own engagement, solve problems, and maximize productivity.  She is focused on talent management strategies which produce measurable results—and has seen these client results: 

  • 20% increase engagement (as measured by Gallup’s Q12) 
  • 90% increase in productivity 
  • 3 years of 30% YOY increase in annual sales 
  • 13% increase in communication scores—which led to highest reported earnings in 5 years.

DeAnna is an ICF and SHRM member, with advanced degrees and certifications from Brigham Young University, the Coaches Training Institute, FranklinCovey, InviteChange, and Gallup.  She led Strengths Strategy® through nine consecutive quarters of 20% quarter-over-quarter growth, and has over 200 coaches/partners developing in 24 different countries.  She is the author of the soon-to-be released bookUnlocking Strengths--the Key to Accelerating Performance, Energy, and Relationships.