Reflective Journaling for Coaches

  • Thursday, July 28, 2016
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Zoom Webinar
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Reflective Journaling for Coaches

July 28, 2016 from 12 noon - 1:30 pm PST

presented by

Dr. Keith Webb, PCC

CCEUs 1.5 Core Competency
Members $15, Non-members $25
Hosted by ICF Washington State

Are you ready to sharpen your coaching skills and deliver better client results?

The more self-aware and reflective you as are as a coach, the more likely you will be able to facilitate a self-awareness process within your clients.

Through journaling you can increase your self-awareness, spot areas for your own personal development, and increase your learning – all in order to deliver more effective coaching results for your clients.

Use reflective journaling to:

  • Increase your effectiveness as a coach
  • Be intentional about your own personal development
  • Enhance your mentor-coach or coach supervisor sessions
  • Notice progress and themes that are only evident over time
  • Deliver better, more valuable, coaching results for your clients

Reflective journaling will assist you to sharpen your coaching skills, allowing you to provide more value to clients.

About Dr. Keith Webb, PCC

Dr. Keith E. Webb is a Professional Certified Coach, author, and speaker specializing in leadership development. He founded and leads a global training company focused on enabling organizations to simultaneously develop the capacity of people, while achieving organizational results. 

For 20 years, Keith lived in Japan, Indonesia, and Singapore where he designed and delivered leadership development programs. Keith created The COACH Model®, many ICF-approved coaching programs and has trained leaders in more than 30 countries. He is past President of the ICF Washington State Chapter and the author of seven books. Keith lives near Seattle and blogs at