South Sound ICF WA State Satellite Meeting

  • Thursday, September 01, 2016
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Cutter’s Point (formerly Forza's) is located at 2209 N Pearl St #104, Tacoma, WA 98407


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South Sound ICF WA Satellite Meeting

Hello Wonderful Coaches,

Surprise! Our September meeting is next week. The first Thursday is September 1 this year! We meet at Cutter’s Point on Pearl Street. We meet the first Thursday of each month in the same location. The next meeting is coming up next Thursday. Please RSVP so that we know how many are coming.

Date and Time: September 1, at 10:00

Location: Cutter’s Point Coffee house on Pearl 

Wiring Brains for Success: How Neuroscience Can Change the Way We Coach

Jeanie McKay and Gary Trantham will be presenting on this exciting topic. Would you like to learn more about how effective coaches are taking lessons from neuroscience and integrating more knowledge about the inner workings of the brain into their coaching practice? If so, we invite you to attend the presentation, "Wiring Brains for Success: How Neuroscience Can Change the Way We Coach" at the South Sound ICF meeting on September 1, 2016.

You will discover how new breakthroughs in neuroscience provide coaches with the scientific foundation needed to more effectively unleash client potential, change perceptions and habits, and improve performance in all areas of their lives. You will learn about the limbic system--an emotional part of the brain--and how it reacts when 'threat' or 'reward' situations are encountered. You will learn about the neurotransmitters that flood the body with stress hormones during situations involving change. You will learn and practice a few neuro-based coaching techniques to improve client mindfulness through meditation and centering (in preparation for and during coaching sessions). In addition, you will receive helpful guidance related to coaching empathy and intuition. Building trust and empathetic coach-client relationships are critical ICF core competencies and are essential to coaching success.

The presentation includes participative activities as well as time for questions and answers. So plan to join us and learn fascinating things about how the human brain influences performance and how an understanding of neuroscience basics can lead to more successful coaching outcomes!

This addresses the 3rd core competency: Establishing Trust & Intimacy with the Client Creating a safe, supportive environment that produces ongoing mutual respect and trust.

You can reply to this email and you can also go the ICF website to see other programs being offered.

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October 6, 2016


Cutter’s Point Coffee House at 2209 N. Pearl St..

Jeanie McKay is a certified coach, cognitive wellness specialist and a former speech pathologist. While serving as a speech pathology clinician, Jeanie specialized in language rehabilitation for stroke patients. After achieving advanced degrees and certification in adult learning and human performance development, Jeanie has served as a senior-level medical system director, leadership and learning training manager, performance consultant, and executive and physician training facilitator and coach.

Jeanie is the enthusiastic CEO of MindZone, LLC, founded ten years ago. Jeanie designs and delivers game-changing programs in three areas: Octane for the Brain, Octane for Living, and Octane for Leaders. All of her workshops, keynote addresses, and coaching sessions are based on evidence-based neuroscientific foundations and core energy leadership principles.

J. Gary Trantham, MD is a life coach and physician. A private family physician in the south King County community for 18 years, Gary pursued his passion for mind-body medicine by training in psychiatry. He has served as a staff psychiatrist at the Seattle VAMC Addiction Treatment Center for 12 years and as a skilled practitioner of psychotherapy in private practice. He continues to teach and serve as a Clinical Asst Professor at UWMC.

Gary has also followed a lifelong passion for spirituality and its role as a crucial aspect of mind-body-spirit healing, He is a certified teacher of the Enneagram, a practitioner of Mindfulness meditation, and a prayer chaplain and VP of the board of trustees for Unity of South Sound. He has pursued advanced training in Jungian psychology, Hospice spirituality, and Positive Psychology. He has taught widely and led workshops on The Wounded Healer, Spirituality and Psychiatry, Addiction, Spirituality, and Recovery, Medical Student Well-Being, and more. After being coached for several years and training with Vera University’s “The Coach Approach”, he began his integrative coaching in 2014.

We will expect to start at 10:00 and end by 12:00.


Cutter’s Point (formerly Forza's) is located at 2209 N Pearl St #104. Their number is (253) 759-9320. There is good coffee available for purchase.


Cutter’s Point is located in a shopping plaza area. There is plenty of free parking and also nearby fun places for lunch. No worries about finding a spot or when you need to leave.