ICF Western Region Event with Dr. David Drake

  • Wednesday, June 06, 2018
  • 11:30 AM
  • Zoom Room
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June 6, 2018, 11:30 AM  PST

Presented by

David Drake, PhD.
CCEUs 1.5 Core Competency 

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Hosted by ICF Washington State

Using thresholds as Accelerated Developmental Moments in Coaching

In this session, Dr. David Drake will share from his pioneering work on adult development through a narrative lens. In particular, he will focus on:

  • Using the principles of attachment theory in developing adults who can sustain their results
  • Understanding how to increase your client’s self-regulation as the cornerstone of development
  • Understanding how to leverage neural resonance and dissonance in support of development
  • Why mindfulness needs to be put in motion if clients are to do more than just cope
  • Why thresholds are often more important and effective than goals in supporting change
  • Understanding how to use Vygotsky’s work on zones of proximal development in coaching

This provocative session will offer you a behind the scenes look at some of the core discoveries behind David’s work with narrative coaching. He is using them in starting his new institute to study and teach practitioners how to facilitate real change in real time. The session will challenge some of your assumptions about coaching and free you to work more openly and directly with your clients. He will share case stories from his work around the world to give you tangible examples of how this work is used with clients and participants. Come join us to find out more!

About David

Dr. David Drake founded the field of narrative coaching and offers the popular Narrative Coach program through WBECS. He is a master coach and has taught coaching to over 15,000 leaders, managers and professionals in twenty countries. David is a Fellow and Thought Leader for the Institute of Coaching affiliated with Harvard Medical School.

In 2018 David launched the Moment Institute in San Francisco and Amsterdam. It is dedicated to developing practitioners who can facilitate real change in real time. The Institute offers Threshold Retreats, a Mastermind program for pioneers who work at thresholds, and partnerships with others at the forefront of developing people.

David has used his expertise and unique wisdom to support change and coaching in over 70 organizations, including Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Dropbox, Google, Logitech, Nike, PwC, Westpac, and many government and education organizations.

David earned his PhD in Human & Organizational Development from Fielding Graduate University. He is the author of over 50 publications, including as lead editor of The Philosophy and Practice of Coaching (2008, Jossey-Bass), co-editor of SAGE Handbook of Coaching (Sage, 2016), and author of Narrative Coaching: The Definitive Guide to Bringing New Stories to Life (2nd ed) (CNC Press, 2018).