Lunchtime Learning: The LIFT PRINCIPLE with Lynn Taylor

  • Thursday, May 02, 2019
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
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May 2, 2019, 12 noon - 1:30 pm PST  

Presented by

Lynn Taylor

CCEUs 1.0 Core Competency & 0.5 Resource Development 

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Hosted by ICF Washington State

Description of Webinar

This webinar is the performance of Masters level interpretation of the Individual Core Values Index™ . It offers better understanding of the new pathway to full self-actualization of a person’s innate unchanging human nature, not achievable without the CVI. You will learn how to coach a person up through all of the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs process, and then up through the Taylor self-actualization pyramid, learning to consciously shift from one energy to a different Core Nature Energy. This shifting between dominant human energies is how the human child develops their adapted personality, which is ego driven and emotionally based. How to identify key experiential life experiences, and relate these to current adult challenge situations. How to identify the core energy that was put to work in the child experience and how to unlock the adult experience by shifting into a different human energy, consciously before dysfunctional behavior kicks in.

What you will learn:

A new understanding of who you are at the innate unchanging level. A new understanding of the universal Human Operating System and how to manage yourself. Methodologies for consciously shifting from Being one energy into Being a completely different energy, authentically.

How to Lift others into a more intentional and highly successful mode of operating—methods for delivery of a CVI report to a client. How to encourage and support each person’s understanding of self and of the mysterious human operating system which is made more visible and intentionally manageable by the CVI.

About Lynn Taylor:

Lynn stakes his company and his reputation around his “right person, right job” mission. He is creator of the Core Values Index (CVI), the only assessment to identify the unchanging human characteristics that dictate future job performance and align these with the responsibilities of a given role for guaranteed success. His training sessions deliver candid conversations that lead to significant team connectivity, transparency, trust, communication and ROI for organizations that partner with him. More than 2000 leaders have benefited from Lynn’s coaching and training. In his role as titular CEO of numerous companies he positioned more than 8000 individuals into their seat of highest and best contribution, increasing bottom-line performance beyond expectations. Lynn Taylor is a leading speaker for Vistage, the world’s largest CEO membership organization. His CVI-based training has been rated“…the best in the history of Vistage.”.  More information can be found here:

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