Lunchtime Learning:Resilience in the Face of Overwhelm for Professional Coaches

  • Tuesday, January 19, 2021
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Zoom Room
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January 19, 2021, 12 noon - 1:30 pm PST 

Presented by

Andrea Bordenca

CEO, Institute for Generative Leadership USA
CCEUs 1.0 Core Competency & .5 Resource Development

Hosted by ICF Washington State

Description of Webinar

Do you want to lean how individuals and organizations can move from activity-based busy-ness and overwhelm to resilience and commitment-based results?  This session will develop an awareness of the current linguistic, emotional and physiological patterns that create a task-oriented work ethic, which can lead to the sense that there is an ever-growing to-do list. Join us to learn the structure of commitment-based action, as we engage you in whole body practices that build new neural pathways and provide you with a depth of choice to relate to others with more intention and clarity, and to facilitate the development of resilience.

As social animals, we  broadcast to others. Our clients say they want to be more present, more at ease, find their voice, find their value.  In order to be present, to create that space, it starts with the body and our ability to settle our nervous system. Overwhelmed leaders, parents may unknowingly be bringing their own unease, overwhelm, even panic to others through somatic connection. Effective leaders (and coaches) create safe spaces, including and most importantly with yourself! As coaches it is important to be aware of and create psychological safety. It happens in our body. Resilience grows in safety. Coaches will learn about Somatics and Nervous System Patterns, including breath and voice, giving coaches a place to intervene with their clients and themselves to bring the safety and resilience needed in the face of overwhelm. During the session you will engage in paired exercises to experience the habitual tendencies that have been reinforced over time and practice ways to deepen listening through increased consciousness and results-oriented accountability. At the end of the session you will have the benefit of sharing this with coaching clients, as well as the ability to practice navigating yourself out of overwhelm.

Part 1 - Introduction

Andrea will share:

  • IGL CEO background and why she chose generative leadership and coaching as a profession.
  • What is generative leadership?

Part 2 - Context

Experiential Demonstration & Practice: The physiological, emotional, and linguistic embodiment of overwhelm.  - Getting it in the body.  Different levels breath. Mechanics of dropping breath

Discussion: What did you notice? Familiar? How does this show up in your life or in your clients’ worlds? We will introduce ways to intervene by what is showing up in breathing patterns and the narratives that accompany.

Part 3 - Anatomy of Action

Context to Commitment - Based Action vs Activity

Experiential Demonstration and Practice: How commitment lives in the body, the phenomena of wanting to say or do something and the body’s resistance. 

Part 4 - Programming the Body to Intervene


All sections have Q & A.

Invitation to Follow up Learning and Practice:

FGL- 3 weeks of curated practice, 3 full day workshops with learning partner practice in between. Dates:

About Andrea

Andrea Bordenca is CEO of the Institute for Generative Leadership (IGL) US and stepped into that role after twenty years applying generative leadership skills in her life and business. She is also Chairperson and CEO of DESCO Medical Services, a national field service org; founder of Lead Yourself Youth, which adapts IGL for educators & students; and co-founder of the Women’s Collaborative.

Andrea holds multiple certifications, including coaching certifications from Newfield Network and Strozzi Institute. Andrea is also certified to teach a 6 week teleclass “Listening to Bodies Long Distance”, a course developed by Somatic Coach, Suzanne Zeman that offers participants guided practices to build somatic awareness to access deeper levels of connection to others. Andrea is a masterful presenter and has presented CCEU program to other ICF Chapters. You can learn more about Andrea at

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