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Do you have limited time?  Do you want coaching education, but don't want to drive an hour to get it?  Do you have a computer?  Welcome to the Lunchtime Learning Series.  Each month we bring you a great training opportunity!

All our classes offer 1 to 1.5 ICF CCEUs! 

*depending on length of the class.

The Lunchtime Learning Series is in full swing. 
Check out our upcoming classes!

All new and renewed ICF Washington State Chapter Members have access to all the past Lunchtime Learning classes through the Members Only Section of the Website. Each year we offer some special offer to those of you who renew or join by the March 31 deadline. The special offer changes each year.  So, keep your eyes open for an email from us in April with your Thank you for Joining/Renewing Special Offer. If you have any questions about the online education, contact Lyssa deHart 
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The Lunchtime Learning Series is held on the Zoom virtual platform, if you are not familiar, please visit www.zoom.us.  Get a free account and download the app for your computer, tablet, or phone.  Check out our classes below.  We look forward to seeing you in a class soon!

Upcoming events

    • Wednesday, August 19, 2020
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (PDT)
    • Zoom Room
    • 69

    August 19, 2020, 12 noon - 1:30 pm PST 

    Presented by

    Sabrina Taylor Blackwell, MBA, MPM

    Rashimi Dixit, MS, ICF PCC

    Karena L. Hooks, MSW

    CCEUs 1.5  Resource Development

    Hosted by ICF Washington State

    Description of Webinar

    Today as ever is the need for us to get together to have an open conversation to address racial injustice and role of coaching in igniting and impacting the change in the society.

    We invited three panelists from different ways of life: D&I corporate leader, a coach, and an equity trainer to share their perspectives on the racial justice and ways we can affect it.

    This is your opportunity to have a direct dialogue with panelists, ask your questions, and interact in smaller groups.

    This is our opportunity:

    • to continue the dialogue on the racial justice;
    • to educate ourselves about racism and its’ attributes;
    • to share our experience and learn from each other.

      About the panelists

      Sabrina Taylor Blackwell, MBA, MPM

      National Account Director, Strategic Accounts West, Gilead Sciences, Inc.

      ERG Co-Lead and Advisor for GLOBE (Gilead Leadership of Black Employees)

      Co-Owner of CK Distributors, Wholesaler to CA State Hospitals

      Sabrina Blackwell has been in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry for over 20 years - with the last several years working in “market access” - in the role of gaining access with payors for drug coverage. Sabrina has managed people and led teams and projects and recognized for her national and global contributions. She mentors, coaches and sponsors Gilead employees and colleagues. She is a member of The Links, Inc., a non-profit organization servicing black communities. Sabrina received her MBA from Pepperdine University in Organizational Change and Innovation.

      Sabrina has led D&I regional chapters and the national planning committee at Novartis Pharmaceutical, and co-lead and chapter lead for GLOBE, an ERG at Gilead Sciences. Throughout her experiences and challenges, Sabrina addresses race relations, unconscious bias and overcoming “the female glass ceiling” as opportunities for career advancement and broadening understanding. Sabrina resides in Southern California with her husband, two children and an international student from South Sudan.

      Rashmi Dixit, MS, PCC, coach

      My commitment is to support coaches to bring their whole authentic selves into the practice of coaching. I teach coaching in a way that creates transformational spaces for healing self and communities and I do so by bringing a systemic and social consciousness lens to coaching.

      I am an Asian-Indian, cis-gendered, heterosexual woman who uses she/her/hers as pronouns. I was born in a tiny mud house with hay roof in rural India. My first memories are of running amok golden fields and sleeping under open starlit skies. I received my schooling and Master’s degree in Mumbai and I am currently based in Portland, Oregon. I have had the privilege to travel across the world and learn from stories and experiences of people whom I met.

      I am a transformational PCC coach, a mentor for coaches, facilitator of group processes and a faculty member at Leadership That Works. I have worked in sub-committees in ACTO to develop and design new curriculum with social consciousness and systemic lens. I currently serve on the board of ICF-Oregon as Director Coach Education.

      In past 20 years of my career I have worked with several non-profit and for-profit organisations to discuss, debate and design some of the most detailed strategies to bring about cultural shifts and coaching culture for leaders. https://rashmidixit.com

      Karena L. Hooks, MSW

      Karena L. Hooks is a recognized Scholar, Leader, Organizer, Educator, Facilitator, Coach, Change Agent and Truth Seeker brings over 20 years of experience in the fields of Child and Youth Development and Education, Organizational Development and Leadership, Community Organizing and Equity Systems Change work from the non-profit, city and governmental jurisdictions, as well as public and private sectors globally.

      Karena is driven by a vision and commitment for a healthy, thriving and just society. She is known for her engaging and impactful facilitation techniques, her high-level skills and abilities to influence organizational and leadership change, a dynamic speaker and a transformational life coach.

      She earned her bachelor’s degree from New York University, and a master’s degree in Social Work from University of Washington. She received her anti-racist training through the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond and her Executive Coaching Certification. She is also currently serving as an Adjunct Faculty member at Columbia University’s School of Social Work online program. With each community Karena works with she brings passion and commitment. She truly loves her work and exemplifies a person devoted to a transformed world. https://hooksglobal.org

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      • Tuesday, November 10, 2020
      • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (PST)
      • Zoom Room
      • 74

      November 10, 2020, 12 noon - 1:30 pm PST 

      Presented by

      Tara Butler Floch, PCC, CPCC

      CCEUs 1.5  Resource Development

      Hosted by ICF Washington State

      Description of Webinar

      In a world that is rapidly changing and full of ambiguity, coaching has never been more needed.  It is our opportunity as coaches to step up and help by supporting people through unprecedented times.  Tara will be sharing how her enrollment strategies can help you serve others powerfully while also providing the opportunity for the right prospects to work with you. 

      One of the biggest challenges that Coaches face is powerfully enrolling committed clients.  It may seem particularly daunting now with the amount of ambiguity in our world.  The key to powerful enrollment conversations is for coaches to showcase their coaching skills while simultaneously, organically lead the right client to see the huge value of working with them to help them bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be.  If you want to have a sustainable, full practice full of committed clients then it’s key to master and love the art of client enrollment.  Unfortunately, most enrollment methods taught by the Marketing “Gurus” don’t work well for coaches, who want to have an authentic and genuine connection with their prospects and not be overtly “salesy”.  Conversely, giving away free sample sessions may give the prospective client a great coaching experience but rarely leads to a powerful conversation about working together.  This presentation Creating Captivating Breakthrough Sessions – How To Powerfully Enroll New Clients, even in an Uncertain World you will learn how to:

      • Create the coaching container to have deep learning and insight, and lead your prospect down a path to work with you, simultaneously
      • Create your own enrollment template using our methodology and process for client enrollment conversations
      • Frame your enrollment conversations to create clear expectations for the experience (no bait and switch!) 
      • Hold a perspective that serves your ideal outcome and serves the client
      • Handle and navigate sticky issues around money 
      • Get to a clear and powerful “yes” or “no” (no more wishy washy-ness!)

      Incorporate the following Core Competencies:

      • Establishing Trust & Intimacy with the client
      • Coaching Presence
      • Active Listening
      • Powerful Questioning 

      Whether you have been a coach for a year or a decade, there will be great nuggets for you to learn from this presentation.  This methodology works well for both coaching and consulting services and can be used effectively with either individuals or a corporate environment.  Whether you are a leadership coach and consultant, or a life coach, this methodology can be customized to create a powerful enrollment conversation that will create a powerful, committed “yes” from clients who you know are meant to work with you.   

      About Tara Butler Floch, PCC, CPCC

      Tara Butler Floch, PCC, CPCC is known as the Coaches’ Coach.  She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs level up their businesses since 2000, when she started her coaching and training company, after being a Sales & Marketing Executive of 3 global companies and managing teams of up to 80 people. Tara has always been passionate about helping others fully step into their full potential, passion and gifts. She has used her deep knowledge of business development, marketing and branding to help hundreds of clients define their niche to make a greater impact with their clients, transform and grow existing businesses, and create meaningful, passionate, full coaching practices of ideal clients.  Her mission is to widen her ripple effect in the world by helping great coaches build their businesses and help even more people transform their lives.

      Please retain your confirmation email. It will have the Zoom Access on it.  Real time assistance will not be available prior to the webinar.

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