ICF WA State's Virtual Lunchtime Learning Series

Do you have limited time?  Do you want coaching education, but don't want to drive an hour to get it?  Do you have a computer?  Welcome to the Lunchtime Learning Series.  Each month we bring you a great training opportunity!

All our classes offer 1 to 1.5 ICF CCEUs! 

*depending on length of the class.

The Lunchtime Learning Series is in full swing. 
Check out our upcoming classes!

All new and renewed ICF Washington State Chapter Members have access to all the past Lunchtime Learning classes through the Members Only Section of the Website. Each year we offer some special offer to those of you who renew or join by the March 31 deadline. The special offer changes each year.  So, keep your eyes open for an email from us in April with your Thank you for Joining/Renewing Special Offer. If you have any questions about the online education, contact Lyssa deHart 
LyssadeHart at gmail.com

The Lunchtime Learning Series is held on the Zoom virtual platform, if you are not familiar, please visit www.zoom.us.  Get a free account and download the app for your computer, tablet, or phone.  Check out our classes below.  We look forward to seeing you in a class soon!

Upcoming events

    • Tuesday, April 23, 2019
    • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    • Zoom Room
    • 69

    23 April, 2019, 6:00 pm PST  - Virtual

    Presented by

    Anu Arora & Aiden Waine
    CCEUs 2.0 Resource Development

    Members $15, Non-members $25
    Hosted by ICF Washington State

    Description of Webinar

    With 615 members, ICF Washington State is the 4th largest Chapter in the United States. The International Coach Federation has 140 chapters and over 38,000 members. Aidan Waine and Anu Arora recently attended the ICF Global Leaders Forum (GLF) where 300 leaders from 140 chapters all over the world, came together as force to learn about the exciting direction of ICF global and became united in taking Coaching to a brand-new level. In this Dinner and Learn, you will hear about ICF Global strategy and direction and what ICF Washington Chapter is doing to advance our mission. Learn what opportunities exist for you and how you can play with us.

        About Anu and Aidan

        Anu Arora

        Anu is a professional leadership and executive coach for leaders at all levels in the corporate world to increase their effectiveness, self-awareness to embrace their unique self, and help them realize their infinite potential. In addition to her coaching practice, she also has corporate training practice, training future leaders in leadership, mindfulness and how to be happier.

        She is also an author of book, “Ignite Your Light”. This book is about simple shifts one can make, to have a profound impact in increasing happiness, joy and productivity in their lives.  Find out more about her at: http://infinitepotentialleadership.com/

        Aidan Waine

        Born in Lancashire, UK in 1960, Aidan began my career in manufacturing, studying engineering at Cambridge University. Market forces nudged him into the IT industry and he moved to Seattle in 1995 to project manage Microsoft’s SAP implementation. After 27 nearly years at the Redmond behemoth—the latter half leading Supply Chain IT—he retired in 2016 and embarked on this 3rd and highly bookshelf-compatible career as a coach.

        As a Human Potential Coach certified by the Bulletproof Training Institute his methodology incorporates International Coach Federation professional competences. Bulletproof augments the coaching process with surprisingly effective embodiment practices and performance hacking information. A client introduced him to GeekWire in Seattle and he recognized its relevance to all his startup clients and became a GeekWire Gold Pass member.

        Through his passions for human performance and bio-hacking he aims to help himself, his family, his friends, and to help people he has not yet met. His clients’ success is the utmost reward. For exercise and fun he plays soccer all over Seattle and golfs across Washington State and beyond.

        Your Zoom room access will be included in both the confirmation email you will receive upon payment as well as the reminder sent the day before.

        • Monday, April 29, 2019
        • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
        • Zoom Room - Access will be provided upon registration
        • 69

        April 29, 2019, 12 noon - 1:30 pm PST  

        Presented by

        Brit Poulson, Ph.D
        CCEUs 1.0 Core Competency and 0.5 Resource Development

        Members $15, Non-members $25
        Hosted by ICF Washington State

        Description of Webinar

        During the webinar we shall cover:

        1. What reality maps are and why they matter.

        2. How blind spots block us from acting on our intentions.

        3. Quick introduction to the Clarity Compass Tool.

        4. The Facts vs. Stories Polarity of the Clarity Compass.

        What you will learn:

        • Asking powerful questions and active listening to assist clients in separating facts from stories.
        • Exploring how coachees can create more powerful stories.
        • Improving capacity for imaginative, resourceful, creative thinking with clients.
        • Moving past blind spots, generating increased awareness of self and other.

          About Brit:

          Brit is the owner and principal of Clarity Compass Consulting, www.clarity-compass.com, a leadership consulting firm specializing in transformative executive coaching and leadership development programs. Brit has been integrating the fields of management consulting, business psychology, and leadership coaching since 1983. Brit earned a Ph.D. in psychodynamic and group psychology at the Pacifica Graduate Institute. He also has an M.A. in human growth and potential from the University of West Georgia and a B.A. in accounting and Business Administration from Troy State University. Brit has been a psychology professor at four different U.S. universities and at Nankai University in China, as well as instructing at Inlingua in Italy. Brit’s rich experience includes his work as a Dale Carnegie course instructor, public speaker, psychotherapist in private practice, corporate trainer and executive coach. Brit was the lead facilitator for all of LIOS/Saybrook University public programs and is adjunct faculty for both the clinical and leadership masters programs. Brit’s combination of business expertise, human compassion, and incisive questions help his clients achieve unprecedented results. Book Author: “The Clarity Compass: See More Clearly. Have Creative Conversations. Live the Life You Want.” In the Media: Brit has appeared as an expert for a number of media outlets across television, print, and radio including ABC’s First Coast News, CBS Boston and the American Management Association. You can read more and access archives of Brit’s media events at www.clarity-compass.com/press/

          He has provided leadership support to organizations such as Philips Healthcare; Rabobank (De Lage Landen); T-Mobile; Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt; Immunex/Amgen; Microsoft; ARRYVE Consulting; IDRI; Philips Consumer Lifestyle; Xerox of Canada; Canadian Pacific Railway; Blue Cross Blue Shield; Amazon.com; and many others.

          • Wednesday, May 01, 2019
          • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
          • Zoom Room - Access will be provided upon registration
          • 73

          May 1, 2019, 12 noon - 1:30 pm PST  

          Presented by

          Anne Jolles, PCC

          CCEUs 1.5 Core Competency 

          Members $15, Non-members $25
          Hosted by ICF Washington State

          Description of Webinar

          Bring the international phenomenon of Grace Trail into your coaching practice and your life, work and community! Hear the amazing story that began in Anne Jolles’ kitchen 18 years ago during a time of despair and helped her rise up. Learn what she heard and saw that has now grown into a coaching method and resiliency tool that is being used worldwide.

          What you will learn:

          Learn how to build and acquire beliefs and skills that will help you and your clients move forward and invite in hope, resiliency and grace more often.  By asking and reflecting on 5 key questions about the five components of GRACE –  Gratitude, Release, Acceptance, Challenge and Embrace – you will find that you are walking off your worries and walking toward hope and possibility.     

          Gratitude: What am I Grateful for? 

          Release: What do I need to Release? 

          Accept:  What is calling out for Acceptance? 

          Challenge: What is my next Challenge? 

          Embrace: What can I Embrace as possible?

            About Anne Jolles:

            Anne Barry Jolles is a renowned life coach, award-winning author, TEDx speaker, and creator of Grace Trail. Blending life experiences and research, Jolles created the Grace Trail and has shared it with tens of thousands as it evolved for over a decade. The trail has many forms, including an actual trail in Plymouth, MA, virtual trails, workshops, webinars, retreats and products, and has been featured by Good Housekeeping, NPR, Boston Globe and more.  Jolles thrives on helping courageous people take five steps to their best lives through her message of joy, hope, and resiliency.

            Please retain your confirmation email.  It contains the access information for the virtual program.

            • Thursday, May 02, 2019
            • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
            • Zoom Room - Access will be provided upon registration
            • 73

            May 2, 2019, 12 noon - 1:30 pm PST  

            Presented by

            Lynn Taylor

            CCEUs 1.0 Core Competency & 0.5 Resource Development 

            Members $15, Non-members $25
            Hosted by ICF Washington State

            Description of Webinar

            This webinar is the performance of Masters level interpretation of the Individual Core Values Index™ . It offers better understanding of the new pathway to full self-actualization of a person’s innate unchanging human nature, not achievable without the CVI. You will learn how to coach a person up through all of the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs process, and then up through the Taylor self-actualization pyramid, learning to consciously shift from one energy to a different Core Nature Energy. This shifting between dominant human energies is how the human child develops their adapted personality, which is ego driven and emotionally based. How to identify key experiential life experiences, and relate these to current adult challenge situations. How to identify the core energy that was put to work in the child experience and how to unlock the adult experience by shifting into a different human energy, consciously before dysfunctional behavior kicks in.

            What you will learn:

            A new understanding of who you are at the innate unchanging level. A new understanding of the universal Human Operating System and how to manage yourself. Methodologies for consciously shifting from Being one energy into Being a completely different energy, authentically.

            How to Lift others into a more intentional and highly successful mode of operating—methods for delivery of a CVI report to a client. How to encourage and support each person’s understanding of self and of the mysterious human operating system which is made more visible and intentionally manageable by the CVI.

            About Lynn Taylor:

            Lynn stakes his company and his reputation around his “right person, right job” mission. He is creator of the Core Values Index (CVI), the only assessment to identify the unchanging human characteristics that dictate future job performance and align these with the responsibilities of a given role for guaranteed success. His training sessions deliver candid conversations that lead to significant team connectivity, transparency, trust, communication and ROI for organizations that partner with him. More than 2000 leaders have benefited from Lynn’s coaching and training. In his role as titular CEO of numerous companies he positioned more than 8000 individuals into their seat of highest and best contribution, increasing bottom-line performance beyond expectations. Lynn Taylor is a leading speaker for Vistage, the world’s largest CEO membership organization. His CVI-based training has been rated“…the best in the history of Vistage.”.  More information can be found here: www.taylorprotocols.com.

            Please retain your confirmation email.  It contains the access information for the virtual program.  Also, for this program only you are eligible for a free CVI assessment report and the link is included in the confirmation email you will receive upon registration.

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