ICF WA State's Virtual Lunchtime Learning Series

Do you have limited time?  Do you want coaching education, but don't want to drive an hour to get it?  Do you have a computer?  Welcome to the Lunchtime Learning Series.  Each month we bring you a great training opportunity!

All our classes offer 1 to 1.5 ICF CCEUs! 

*depending on length of the class.

The Lunchtime Learning Series is in full swing. 
Check out our upcoming classes!

All new and renewed ICF Washington State Chapter Members have access to all the past Lunchtime Learning classes through the Members Only Section of the Website. Each year we offer some special offer to those of you who renew or join by the March 31 deadline. The special offer changes each year.  So, keep your eyes open for an email from us in April with your Thank you for Joining/Renewing Special Offer. If you have any questions about the online education, contact Lyssa deHart 
LyssadeHart at gmail.com

The Lunchtime Learning Series is held on the Zoom virtual platform, if you are not familiar, please visit www.zoom.us.  Get a free account and download the app for your computer, tablet, or phone.  Check out our classes below.  We look forward to seeing you in a class soon!

Upcoming events

    • Tuesday, December 11, 2018
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
    • Zoom Room
    • 54

    Tuesday, December 11, 2018, 12 noon - 1:30 pm PST

    Presented by

    Lyssa deHart, LICSW, MCC
    CCEUs 1.5 Core Competency

    Members $15, Non-members $25
    Hosted by ICF Washington State

    Description of Webinar

    Metaphors are all around us; they flow through the daily rhythm of our conversations. Unless they are wildly obvious, we may miss them. Join this fun webinar and learn to play with the power of visual language. Learn what metaphors and similes are and consider ways to use them with your clients artfully.

    John Geary said, “Whenever we describe anything abstract: ideas, feelings, thoughts, emotions, concepts, we instinctively resort to metaphors”

    Learning to use the metaphors that your clients bring to the conversation is far more powerful than scripting your metaphors into the coaching conversation. Metaphors are vivid doorways into who your clients are being, their deeply held beliefs, their vision of themselves and their sense of what they want. This awareness can give you a powerful tool to get curious with greater ease. 

    What you will learn:

    • The differences between Metaphors and Similes.
    • Neuroscience + Metaphors.
    • The power of using the Metaphors that your clients bring to your coaching conversations.
    • Coaching demonstration.
    • Practice using actual client conversational prompts to begin to play with crafting powerful questions that get straight to the heart of your clients concerns.
    • And, connecting the use of client Metaphors to competencies of Direct Communication, Active Listening, Awareness, Powerful Questioning, and Trust and Intimacy.

      About Lyssa

      Lyssa deHart, LICSW, MCC has over 20 years of experience working with individuals and organizations. She is a relationship expert, focusing on our relationship with ourselves and with our internal narratives. She wrote the bestselling book,StoryJacking: Change Your Inner Dialogue, Transform Your Life, (2017). Lyssa works as a Course Leader and Mentor Coach with inviteCHANGE. Lyssa loves working with coaches to support their development and confidence in weaving the ICF Core Competencies through their coaching conversations. She offers several groups and works with individual clients to navigate the plot twist in life. To learn more about her offerings, please visit her website.

      • Tuesday, January 08, 2019
      • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
      • Zoom Room
      • 73

      Tuesday, January 8, 2019, from 12 noon - 1:30 pm Pacific Time

      Presented by

      Tara Butler Floch, PCC 
      CCEUs 1.5  Resource Development

      Members $15, Non-members $25
      Hosted by ICF Washington State

      Creating powerful, fun & profitable partnerships

      Description of Webinar

      Most coaches start their own practice excited about “doing their own thing” and being their own boss.  The flip side, however, is that working alone can be isolating and uninspiring at times. Solopreneurs crave both autonomy and collaboration in their businesses at the same time.  Strategic Alliances are a great way to get both of those needs met while moving your business to the next level when you pick the right partners for the right projects.  Coaches who crave collaboration often jump into strategic alliances without clarity of vision and strong design, and get little ROI as a result. When done well, Strategic Alliances can be one of the fastest ways to grow your business.  This training will teach you how to do just that. 

      What you will learn:

      Learn the secrets to doing Strategic Alliances with other professionals and watch your list and profits grow.  In this presentation your will learn:

      • How Strategic Alliances can uplevel your business overnight
      • The 6 Keysyou must have with a potential partner to create a thriving partnership
      • The biggest challenges in creating strategic alliances (and how to avoid them so you quit wasting time and energyand start seeing results sooner)
      • Tried and true, proven best practicesfor creating sustainable strategic alliances

        About Tara

        Tara Butler Floch, PCC, CPCC is known as the Coaches’ Coach.  She has helped hundreds of emerging entrepreneurs create prosperous businesses since 2000, when she started her coaching and training company, Broadview Coaching.  Prior to starting her business, she was a Sales & Marketing Executive of 3 global companies, managing teams of up to 80 people.   Tara has always been passionate about helping others fully step into their full potential, passion and gifts. She loves combining that passion with her love of Branding, Marketing, Client Experience, and Business Development.  Through her Entrepreneurial Edge Coaching Program, most of her clients create thriving, sustainable, full practices in about a year.  They also have more freedom, work fewer hours, and focus on work that truly inspires them so they can make an even bigger impact in the world.   

        Please visit Tara's Website to learn more.

        • Tuesday, February 12, 2019
        • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
        • Zoom Room
        • 75

        Tuesday February 12, 2019, from 12 noon - 1:30 pm Pacific Time

        Presented by

        Michael Kline, Master Certified RIM
        Practitioner and Trainer

        CCEUs .75 Core Competency and .75 Resource Development

        Members $15, Non-members $25
        Hosted by ICF Washington State

        Free Your Clients of Negative Beliefs, Painful Memories, 
        and Emotional Triggers

        Description of Webinar

        This is an experiential journey that may feel like a combination of interactive guided imagery, somatic sensing and creative play. Participants close their eyes, and dip into a relaxing process of allowing their imagination to connect with resources, engage in dialogue, find emotions in their bodies and learn techniques for releasing those emotions verbally, visually and kinesthetically.

        RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory) is a tool that produces fast, easy, sustainable results freeing us of limiting beliefs and memories, empowering us to live our best lives. When we create a shift in perspective, we rely on will-power to create new behaviors. RIM goes deeper than a perspective-shift and actually changes how we feel instead of how we think. This makes change easier and often instantaneous.

        Neuroscience confirms that emotions occur in the body and when we resist what we’re feeling, those emotions stay stuck with us. What we resist persists. Because our nervous system imprints an imagined experience similarly to an actual experience, we can re-generate emotional body memories to create neurologically-rooted positive endings to old stories, without reliving the old hurt and pain. As with many coaching tools, RIM may have therapeutic benefits, yet the practice is NOT therapy. No special education or background is required to learn these skills.

        What you will learn:

        • Build your confidence in working with and allowing strong emotions. 
        • Learn how discoveries in neuroplasticity make anything possible for your clients. 
        • Expand your ability to serve as a neutral witness, allowing your client deeper discovery.
        • Create deeper awareness of underlying issues and limiting beliefs.
        • Discover the awareness connection to Emotional Intelligence

          About Michael

          Michael is the 11th of 12 children born into poverty to an alcoholic father living in a junkyard. He lost his mother to cancer at age 7 and was raised by an emotionally abusive aunt and uncle. Michael learned the powerful lesson of the junkyard; Resourcefulness is more important the resources. 

          His journey from junkyard to country club is proof that anyone can achieve anything. Michael is now a Certified Jack Canfield Speaker & Trainer, and Master Certified RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory) Practitioner & Licensed Trainer. He currently speaks and trains to business audiences about human potential, specifically in Leadership & Teamwork, Success Principles, Corporate Culture, Communications, Personal Growth, and Empowerment. 

          Currently, Michael works closely with Jack Canfield, assisting him with his prestigious Train the Trainer Program, developing the next generation of speakers and trainers around the world. Also, as a RIM Institute Licensed Trainer, Michael teaches advanced coaching skills to Certified Coaches. In his private practice, Michael serves professional women (and a few smart men) who want to make the second half of their life a heluva lot better than the first half. Learn more about Michael on his website.

          • Thursday, March 14, 2019
          • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
          • Zoom Room
          • 75

          Thursday March 14, 2019, from 12 noon - 1:30 pm Pacific Time

          Presented by

          Denise Hedges, PCC 

          CCEUs 1.5 Resource Development

          Members $15, Non-members $25
          Hosted by ICF Washington State

          How to Create a Masterful Speaking Presence

          Description of Webinar

          Speaking to groups is the number one way to build a coaching practice, but only if who you’re being in front of the room is as present, authentic, and sincere as it is when you’re interacting with clients. But, what’s the key to making it happen? Never stop being a coach! Apply the same core competencies to speaking as you do to your coaching. Create a safe and supportive environment in your room that honors your audience’s agenda. When you’re open and flexible in the moment, you create a dynamic synergy with your audience. The bottom line: Talking with a client in a coaching setting is very much like speaking to a group of people you don’t know … if you approach it the right way.

          This is a highly interactive and thought-provoking presentation.

          What you will learn:

          • How to manifest a presence that’s warm and genuine while being profoundly audience-focused and intensely purposeful. 
          • How the message they send goes beyond the words they speak. 
          • What goes into creating a compelling, interactive presentation that evokes insight and encourages people to expand their thinking. 
          • How to provide masterful coaching as they engage audience members. 
          • How to make an offer from the stage that speaks to the needs of their audience members and lands like an opportunity for further exploration and growth … 
          • and how to stay unattached as you do it!

          About Denise

          Denise Hedges is a business development coach and speaking coach with over 30 years experience in sales and marketing. She specializes in training and coaching business owners to market themselves more effectively using the strategy of speaking. Denise works with coaches to help them move past any doubt about sales and marketing, so they can attract more clients and make more money! Visit Denise at her website.

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