Satellite Groups

ICF Washington State's satellite groups are regularly scheduled gatherings self-organized by group members. The purpose of these gatherings is to:

  • Nurture member connection and relationships
  • Build a community-of-practice
  • Share experiences and acquire information

Current Satellite Groups:

  • South Sound (Tacoma) - Meets on the 2nd Friday
  • Eastside (Bellevue) - Meets on the 2nd Monday from 10-12pm
  • Downtown Seattle - Meets on the 2nd Thursday from 12:15-2:15pm 
  • Northwest Corner (Bellingham) - Meets on the 3rd Thursday from 6-8pm
  • North Seattle (Shoreline) - Meets on the 3rd Monday from 6:30-8:30pm (does not meet in July & August)
  • Kitsap (Bainbridge Island) - Meets on the 3rd Wednesday from 6:30-8:30pm

Any questions about Satellite groups, contact:

South Sound (Tacoma) Satellite Co-leaders

Christine Rose:  CR (at)

East Side (Bellevue) Satellite Co-leaders

Ele Dootson:  Coaching (at)
Kate Butcher: Kate_Butcher (at)

Downtown Seattle Satellite Leaders 

Osnat Lustig: osnatlustig22 (at) 

Northwest (Bellingham) Satellite Co-leaders

Lynne Brisdon: lynne (at)
Bruce Hostetter: bruce (at)

North Seattle (Shoreline) Satellite

Tommy Price: journeybeyondaverage (at)

Kitsap (Bainbridge Island) Satellite

Natalia Harm: natalia (at)

If you are a ICF coach in a remote location of Washington State who is interested in starting a Satellite Group in your area, please contact -  Malinda Norris, 
Director of Satellitesmalindaknorris (at)