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Deadlines: Please submit your proposal no later than April 18th, 2016.

Please email this completed document to:

Thank you very much for your interest in participating in the 2016 PRISM Symposium for ICF Washington State!


The PRISM Symposium is designed to inspire leaders, talent development professionals, and both internal and external coaches to create greater impact on their organizations through the development and evolution of coaching programs that deliver measurable results. We are looking for dynamic speakers with best practice and educational programs that are inspiring and that also challenge our thinking.

This year’s theme is Coaching as an Innovation in the Workplace with emphasis being placed on results and application. Coaching as a whole is agreed to be a positive and worthwhile change and development modality for those companies who use it.  This year’s focus; however, will be on those companies who view it as an innovation and develop creative ways to implement coaching as an innovation.

Companies who use coaching as an innovation shake up and change their culture, altering how employees function and co-exist in the workplace.  This modern approach is revolutionary and a transformative breakthrough not to be viewed as a novelty but an upheaval in the status quo bringing about inspiration, inventiveness, and ingenuity. 

We seek presenters who will create a 75-minute workshop for one of two learning tracks:

Track 1:  Measurable Results

We seek content that tangibly verifies and demonstrates coaching applied in innovative ways to produce superior organizational results.  What are the ways of measuring impact, influence and contribution from coaching processes and experiences that you will share? Results can be measured in a variety of ways so share your best case studies that inspire and encourage others to do likewise. 

Track 2: Creative Application

We seek content that touches on creative ways coaching programs are implemented using out-of-the-box thinking.  What are your inspired examples where unique platforms transformed resistant acceptance into enthusiastic endorsement?  Both small and large company applications are encouraged as we can glean from all experiences, ideas that will motivate, stimulate, and increase participation.

Please complete each of the seven questions below as completely as possible so we have thorough information with which to evaluate how your proposal meets what the conference offers attendees. Proposals will be evaluated based upon the following criteria:

·         Alignment and relevance with the symposium theme and chosen track

·         Attendee engagement in the presented workshop design

·         Evidence of enthusiasm and skill as a workshop presenter

Presentation titles and descriptions are posted on the ICF Washington State website; these are used to obtain International Coaching Federation CCEs and for marketing outreach so that attendees know what to expect from your session. This means that your presentation delivery should remain consistent with what you submit here.

1.    Presentation title      

2.    Presentation description      

3.    What are the specific subjects that will be covered in this educational offering?      

4.    Please list at least three (3) and no more than five (5) takeaways. (E.g., In this session you will learn how to… or, After attending this session you will be able to…)

5.    How can attendees apply this session to their interactions with clients and/or their work with organizations?      

6.    Detail the activities you will include in this presentation by completing the table below:

Type of Activity

% Time in Session


Presentation of content



Small group / large group discussion



Interactive exercise






Video / Audio-Visual examples



Question & Answer

13 % (10 minutes)

Design sessions to support closing with 10 minutes of Questions & Answers from attendees.


100% / 75 Minutes



7.    Briefly explain why you feel qualified to speak on this subject      


PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL INFORMATION                                                       


Business Name      

Email Address      



Phone                                             Cell      

Short description of your business mission/purpose (in 5 or 6 sentences)      

Are you a member of the International Coach Federation?  Yes    No    (please underline answer)

Please indicate your ICF credential status: ACC, PCC, MCC (please underline one) or,

Not pursuing an ICF credential at the time (please underline if this is your situation)

Have you ever presented for the International Coach Federation?   Yes    No    (please underline answer) If “yes”, how many times?      

What venues/occasions did you present for ICF?      

Please provide access link for an audio or video sample of your work as a presenter  , and/or a reference for someone who engaged you to speak at an event      

Your Bio (Please write 100-300 words with information that ties your presentation to your area of expertise)      

Your Photo (Please attach a jpeg file, 300dpi):

Speaker Proposal Form (this document)

What audio/visual equipment do you request?     


Deadlines: Please submit your proposal no later than April 18th, 2016.

Please email this completed document to:

Thank you very much for your interest in participating in the 2016 PRISM Symposium for ICF Washington State!