ICF Washington State Quarterly Newsletter | Jan-Mar 2016


ICF WA State PRISM Education Seminar - Pathway to PRISM - Tuesday, February 23, 2016 5:30 PM (PST) • Mercer Island Community Center

South Sound ICF WA State Satellite Meeting - Thursday, March 03, 2016 10:00 AM (PST) • Forza's Coffee house at 2209 N Pearl St #104

Fourth Annual ICF Washington State Awards Gala - Thursday, April 14, 2016 5:30 PM (PDT) • Talaris Conference Center, 4000 Northeast 41st Street, Seattle

PRISM 2016 - Tuesday, June 14, 2016 (PDT) • Meyderbauer Center, Bellevue   


  Karen Fenstermacher, ICF Washington State President

It’s early 2016, and traditionally most of us take time to set goals and make resolutions about what we intend to accomplish in the months ahead.   

What are your goals for 2016? My goals include being the best president I can be for you in 2016.  In order to do that – I would love to hear your thoughts about what we could create together to make ICF Washington State all that you could ask for as the premier coaching association serving you – its members.   I invite you to drop me an email at karenf@aliveinspired.com with your thoughts and ideas.

To help us start the year off right, the board of directors met for an all-day strategic planning session in January that was facilitated by one of our East Side Satellite Leaders, Diane Gasal.  Diane utilized a wonderful tool called “Liberating Structures” that really did liberate us to prioritize goals and objectives.  Thank you Diane!

Our Board priorities for the first quarter are:

  • Build a full Board of Director’s Team.  We have 10 board members so far for 2016.  Can you imagine what we might accomplish if we had a full board of 12 members?  Dave Nye is leading this task force.  Please reach out to Dave if you are interested in joining the board.  Dave is also onboarding our four new board members:  Lyssa Danehy deHart, Jane Weston, Federico Vecchiarelli and Antonella Capizzi as they choose their area of service on the Board.
  • Update our ICF WA State website.  We are focusing on ease of use and modern capabilities.  Nora Tabler is leading this charge.  Please don’t hesitate to let Nora know your ideas.  In fact I’m sure she is looking for committee members.  If website development is one of your passions – Nora wants to hear from you!  Tina Martin, our membership director will ensure that our new website membership database structure gives us the capability to connect with each of our members in unique and novel ways going forward.
  • 5 Year Strategic Plan.  I am leading this – and soliciting your input!  Tim Franey has fined tuned our budgeting process and will be my partner keeping us on track financially. Joe Donaldson, our President Elect/Secretary will ensure that we are compliant with chapter bylaws – and is streamlining our decision making process as we design our future.

Last week someone asked me, "What happened to January and February?" You probably understand the sentiment behind that question. It seems as though we just celebrated New Year’s, and we’re already looking at March. Somewhere in between, time flew by in a whirling blur of activity.

A few more examples of January and February activities:

  • First 2016 Satellite Leader Meeting – we had member representatives from all over the State of Washington!  Jody McCrain led a Zoom room of brilliant minds.  We are cooking up new and powerful ways to serve you.  Stay tuned – we are just getting started!
  • Pathway to PRISM – Our 2nd of 3 Workshops was held at the Mercer Island Community Center.  Janet Harvey is our 2016 PRISM Task Force Leader.  Janet facilitated our two speakers, Sue McNab from PEMCO (2013 PRISM Nominee) and Denise Tegel from Boeing (2014 PRISM Nominee).  It was truly interactive, the room was packed and we all learned the nuts and bolts about what it takes to deliver coaching as a programmatic solution for talent engagement in organizations.
  • Gala Planning is well under way.  Nina Simonds and her committee is mixing it up this year – the event is sure to delight and please all of you.  This is the ICF WA State Event that celebrates you as coach.

What is next? 

Don’t miss our 3rd Pathway to PRISM is coming up on February 23rd at the Mercer Island Community Center.  Janet Harvey will facilitate discussions with The PRISM Award Winners from 2013 and 2014: Carol Hedly and Maté Rivera-Uribe will discuss 2013 PRISM Award Winner, Microsoft and Kelly Holm and Ron Poindexter will represent the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as the2014 PRISM Award Winner. 

We are truly proud of our volunteer organization – from Satellite Leadership, to our valued committee members to our dedicated Board of Directors!

Won’t you join us?  The friendships alone are of high value and will serve you well on your journey!

We extend our welcome to all of you and hope you enjoy 2016 with ICF WA State.  Thanks for being a member – and hope to see you at an ICF WA State event this year!

My best regards,

Karen Fenstermacher



Gala Dinner and Celebration
by Sandra Jones, Gala Nomination Committee

We are pleased to announce the fourth annual Recognition Gala will be held Thursday, April 14, 2016 at the Talaris Center in Seattle.

The theme this year is Coaching Stories: Celebrating Partnerships.  This festive and meaningful evening gives us an opportunity to come together and celebrate individual coaches and our community and acknowledge the impact of coaching for our clients.

This year we are opening up the Gala to include coaching stories from our members in addition to those who are honored with an award.  The emphasis will be on honoring both our success stories and the meaning and fulfillment we get from partnering with clients and one another as professional coaches.

We are also planning to continue the tradition of honoring an experienced coach with the ACES award and service to the chapter.   The nomination form and guidelines for these continuing awards can be found here on the ICF Washington State website.

Additionally, we encourage you to share your success by submitting a confidential story.  We ask that submissions not include individual client and company names or other identifying comments to ensure anonymity unless a written release from the client is obtained. You are also invited to submit stories about your experience in working with your own coach or a peer through volunteering or client work.  This is an opportunity to celebrate and share your experience as a coach and the success story of a client!  Stories can be submitted in multiple formats – through pictures, one-on-one conversations and presentations. 

The guidelines and some questions to help focus your stories can be found here

Finally, we will also continue the tradition we started last year of recognizing coach members who have received a credential since the last Gala.

Completed nomination forms and stories are due Thursday, March 17, 2016.

Recipients of the two awards will be announced at the Gala on April 14, 2016.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Please Welcome Our Two New ICF-WA Chapter Board Members
January, 2016

JANE WESTON, PCC, Director at Large

Jane is the founder and owner of OWL Coaching and Consulting.   An executive coach and HR professional, she’s passionate about helping others and driven to improve personal and leadership effectiveness.  She’s an accomplished executive herself with some wisdom picked up along the way through her years as an HR Director.  In addition to her coaching and consulting practice, Jane is a member of the management faculty at Western Washington University.  

LYSSA DANEHY deHART, Director at Large

Lyssa founded Creative Human Solutions in 2004.  She is a Transformational Coach who specializes in working with individuals, teams and small businesses.  She is a co-developer of StoryJacking™ a process designed to develop awareness about the limiting stories people tell themselves, getting curious about where and why those stories show up, developing tools, and rewriting the stories so that people transform their lives and achieve new results.

 Professionally Lyssa has spent 21 years working as a Therapist, an Educator, Business Owner, and a Coach.  She is trained in: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the Hogan Assessment Tool, the EQi 2.0, the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team and the Everything DiSC assessment tools; Workplace, Managers, Sales, and the Work of Leaders, to help organizations develop strong leadership teams.


The Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA):

Setting Yourself Up for Success
by Beth L. Buelow, PCC, TheIntrovertEntrepreneur.com

After years of trying to unlearn my "good student" tendencies, it only took a single opportunity to bring them back up again.

You probably are aware that in the past few years, the International Coach Federation (ICF) updated some of their credentialing requirements. There were at least two significant changes:

  •    the number of client coaching hours required to become a PCC level coach decreased from 750 to 500,
  •     applicants must pass a multiple-choice exam that demonstrates solid knowledge of the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics.

Maybe this is good news to you, as it was to me. These changes meant I could move from my ACC status to PCC sooner than I had thought. So I scrambled to get my records in order and, to my delight, my accumulated coaching hours exceeded even the previously required 750. So there was no excuse to delay going for the next certification level.

Except, of course, The Test... 

Click here to read the full article.


Dear Master Coach
By Patricia Burgin, MA, MCC 


Dear Master Coach:
Do you show up like a coach everywhere in your life? If so, does your spouse complain?
Just wondering,
Proceeding with Caution

Dear PWC:

At one of our meetings this week a member of our SeattleCoach tribe was especially enthusiastic, "You can take this stuff and make it your profession. You can also make it your way of living. Parenting is better! Date night is better!” She's right. A mature coaching presence is a lovely way of showing up in the world.

At my house, when I was just learning to coach and my focus was more on driving to next steps than on being present and paying attention, I can report that I did receive complaints (“Stop trying to coach me!”). But as time has gone on, I’m happy to say that I appear to be less annoying. I know I’m listening better and appreciating more...

Click here to read the full article.


ICF Newsletter Changes from Monthly to Quarterly Publication
by Nora Tabler, ICF Director of Communications

Last year the ICF Board approved changing the newsletter publication cycle from a monthly publication to a quarterly publication. This was done for several reasons. First, with four major events each year – Gala, Allied Networking, Prism and Fishbowl – members were receiving email blasts about these events AND newsletter information which was duplicative and “too much ICF mail.” Second, we want to encourage members to use the website to get information about satellite meetings and events and register for them there. Third, we want our newsletter to continue to evolve into a publication that focuses on interesting stories and articles about developments in coaching and less about event dates and registration.

So expect to see the newsletter in your in box during the off months of our events. This may change as event dates change, but our goal is to send four quality newsletters to you each year.

2016 Publishing Schedule 

Newsletter is published quarterly:
First quarter: February 22, 2016
Second quarter: May 16, 2016
Third quarter: August 15, 2016
Fourth quarter: November 14, 2016

Copy Deadline:  
February 9, 2016
May 10, 2016
August 9, 2016
November 8, 2016

February 22         E-newsletter

March                  Two member email blasts for Gala

April                     Gala, April 14, Talaris Center, Seattle

May 16                 E-newsletter

June                     Two member email blasts for Prism, June 14 at Meydenbauer Center, Bellevue

August 15           E-newsletter
September           Fishbowl or Allied - TBD

October                Fishbowl or Allied - TBD

November 14      E-newsletter

December             Email blast with year recap

We hope you understand our efforts to only populate your in box with quality information about coaching. On that note, if any members are interested in writing articles or finding writers to contribute articles, please contact me at nora@noratabler.com.